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How cancer develops, spreads, and is treated

When someone tells you about a friend or family member having cancer, you often hear someone say, “He has cancer.” Yet, cancer isn’t just one disease. There are, in fact, more than 200 different cancers, and each kind can originate in any cell or organ in the body. All cancers have one thing in common […]

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Blue Waffles Symptoms

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that the people of the world is facing is blue waffles. In fact, about 40 million of the population are suffering from this disease and is in danger of dying. Experts have devoted years of research and study in order to find a cure and save the many […]

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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common chronic-pain syndrome that is characterized by widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points in the absence of apparent organic disease. Tender points are specific places on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and upper and lower extremities. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia include: Trouble sleeping Morning stiffness Headaches Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) […]

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Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment Options

Although bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection of the vagina; it is also considered the most common type of vaginitis among women in their child bearing age, although it can affect women during any age. The general signs and symptoms can include: a fish like odor with vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge that is milky white, […]

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Infantigo Rash Home Remedies

If there are multiple sores the doctor will treat impetigo with an oral antibiotic. Use medications as instructed for the number of days indicated by a physician. Failure to complete the full course of antibiotics may not totally kill the bacteria. If treated appropriately most cases of infantigo resolve without complications. Occasionally a deeper skin […]

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