Cell harvesting device for treatment on white spots in skin

ReCell is called the novel single-use medical device which has been generated as an ‘off the shelf’ kit to harvest the autologous skin cells which are obtained from a thin split thickness biopsy. This procedure of this harvesting provides the instant cell population consists of keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts and Langerhans cells which get reaped from the epidermal-dermal junction to make the delivery on the surface of the wound so as to an effectual healing of the wounds can be promoted.

The use of ReCell has been for the treatment of small wounds like the tiny burns and scalds, donor sites, glabrous injuries, congenital nevi, hypopigmentation, chronic wounds and prophylactically in cosmetic transformation processes.

The process used is quite simple. By the time, the process takes place, the suspension of the cell gets available for the instant usage and can then make a coverage of the wound many times the area of the donor biopsy.

ReCell’s ability is to make the melanocyte repopulation possible that might bring up the reintroduction of pigmentation into hypopigmented white spots in skin like in vitiligo, etc.

ReCell procedure, which happens without the specialized laboratory staffers, is costly and time efficient.

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