Guide to Facial Ingrown Hair Removal for Women

You’re conscious about the ugly ingrown hair on your face even on pubic area and want to take it off as soon as you can. But how? Well, by using any of the hair removal methods available. Once you zero in on the safest and most painless method on how to get rid of ingrown hair, you can find a professional to do the job and enjoy having hairless skin. Here’s a guide to taking off that facial hair that embarrasses you so much.

Of the many facial hair removal methods these days, there are painful and painless methods, invasive and non-invasive, and lastly, cheap and expensive methods of hair removal. It might be just a little difficult to choose based on these parameters, but if you look closely, you’ll be able to find what suits you best.

Temporary methods: Hair removal can be temporary, which means the hair grows back in some time. While this means spending a little every month or so and getting cleaned up, it sets you into a routine of getting your hair removal done. Some temporary solutions are threading, tweezing and waxing.

Threading: For this, women generally visit the salon where this is done professionally with a thread. Threading helps shape the eyebrow precisely. It does not use chemicals, is affordable, a little painful and keeps you neat for a month or more.

Tweezing: Tweezing is not only an effective way of removing facial hair but also the fastest. Here, hair is pulled out entirely rather than at the skin’s surface. However, it could grow back thicker and more pigmented. If you’re tweezing a number of hair, then this is a tedious hair removal method but for just a few, it’s ideal. It is preferred for being inexpensive, though painful. These days, electronic tweezers are being marketed as a means of at home hair removal.

Waxing: Women do wax the hair off their faces, though facial skin is more sensitive than any other part of the body and so can cause you pain. However, the advantage of waxing is that its effects last long, perhaps up to about eight weeks. Salons may be expensive but home waxing kits are available. Your skin could burn if you’re not careful.

Creams: If you want a painless method of hair removal, go in for hair removal creams which contain a chemical that breaks down the hair which you can wipe away after a few minutes of application. Ease of use and inexpensiveness are its chief advantages.

Permanent solutions: If you want to get over this problem of removing unwanted hair from your body forever, go in for the following removal methods.

Laser: This is the best ever method of facial hair removal as it gives you a permanent hair-free and smooth complexion, besides also being pain-free and non-invasive. The disadvantages include redness of skin, pain, scarring, swelling and skin discoloration.

Electrolysis: Another permanent method of hair removal, electrolysis uses electricity to destroy the hair roots completely. It needs several sessions before you can see results, so it can be expensive.

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