“hey Humans I Left You In The Dust” – What Will Transhumans Say In 10 Years?


We are witnessing a transformation in the human biosystem and something that is 10,000 times faster than evolution. The latest prosthesis available today and implanted body parts are astounding. You can get a titanium hip replacement and or artificial legs which are actually better than the original. Stronger, more durable, faster, well, you get the picture, we are building six million dollar men and women, but it’s real and this is not science fiction made for TV.

Likewise, human scientists are discovering secrets of the mind and soon will be able to give you an advanced degree or the library of congress in a micro-chip and smaller than a dime implanted in your skull to help you process information with all the current knowledge of the world. You can become one with Artificial Intelligence.

But, there will be hold-outs or humanists, call them purists if you will who will call all of this evil and wrong and unnatural. Indeed, it will be unnatural as far as Earth Species have evolved and although this future is coming and it is in part due to our advanced brains inventing such things. Now and then what might a transhuman superior say to a purest human in the future?

Hey Humans I Left You In the Dust

This will very much upset the inferior human, although we should not be surprised by the matter of factly comments of a future transhumant and because they really will leave normal homo sapiens in the dust. Today, we have superstars of humanity, let’s call them human plus and under all their occasional modesty they know they are better and the results prove it and we can’t hide it.

We have human plus athletic ability we see in the Olympics and we have human plus intellect that we witness in our top scientists. Can you think of some of the things that these individuals sometimes think but do not say in public?

Let’s face it we have some incredible people ON the planet, folks that stand head and shoulders above the rest, no not in the actual sense and but in the philosophical sense. These people amongst us are more intelligent, stronger and healthier than regular people.

Some are so smart and that they lose interest in talking to normal people. They know they are better and we know they are better and simply by their achievements; luckily they do not go around telling everyone and as that might offend our weaker egos or self-esteem.

The real human plus folks amongst us do not take steroids and they don’t have to cheat ON tests to win. I bet they are thinking; You cannot beat me and but go ahead and cheat anyway. So, if naturally superior humans have these thoughts and then don’t you think transhumans will notice that they are far superior and think the same thing even if they did have a little help along the way?


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